Industrial utility netting

We supply and install a range of netting solutions for industrial safety; protection, containment & control solutions for buildings, factories, warehouses, construction sites. Full safety standards compliance. We have delivered many complex and challenging installations at height, including both indoor and outdoor situations.

Drone & UAV safety netting

Over recent years there has been a huge increase in drone usage, both commercially and by members of the public.

Coastal Nets have designed, supplied and installed nets for the following:

  • Drone trade shows where netting arenas are used for demonstrations
  • Safety nets for drone racing
  • Drone catch-nets
  • Anti-drone nets for prisons

Drone netting tends to be around 50mm square and light weight.

event safety net

Drone Safety Netting (polypropylene)

  • 50mm x 50mm mesh.
  • 2mm twisted  twine.
  • Made from black, UV-stabilised polyethylene; very light but strong and durable.
  • Overlocked edges for extra strength.
  • Can be made into full flying enclosures. Please contact us.

£1.96 per m2 (+VAT)

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cricket stop netting

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