Hay nets for stable feeding

Our popular hay nets help improve horse feeding. Essential items for any stable.

Hay nets, hay bags for horse feeding

Our popular hay nets or hay bags are simple to use and fill, with a drawstring closure and facility to easily hang the net.

Hay feed nets are a practical way to regulate a horse’s hay intake, and encourage slow eating and improved digestion.

We offer hay nets in a variety of dimensions and mesh sizes to enable the owner to dictate the speed at which the horse eats the hay.

An essential item for any stable.

We supply some of our most popular sizes of hay net for direct purchase from our online store (follow the links below).

As all our nets are handmade in our workshop we can also manufacture to any dimensions required in different mesh sizes or strengths. If the item you are looking for is not listed please contact us for a price.

Whilst we welcome enquiries by telephone or email, we now sell many of our products directly from our safe and secure online store. Our online store runs on our associated domain https://store.coastalnets.co.uk/. Use the links below to visit specific product sections of our store.

We sell hay feeding nets in a range of standard sizes from our online store. Follow the links below to visit the relevant section.

Large hay net hay bag horse feeding
Small hay net horse feeding
Hay feeding nets