Industrial netting installation portfolio

We have installed protection and safety netting to fulfil a wide variety of applications. Our fast and efficient on-site team can deliver any scale of installation throughout the UK. Call us, we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Protection & safety net on-site installations.

Some of our many netting installations across a broad variety of sectors:

Alton Towers Roller Coaster Protection Net
Our expert team of fitters have installed netting under roller coasters across several theme parks. These always prove a tricky environment to work in. Most of the work is carried out at night and access can be difficult at times. We install a small mesh net which catches loose personal items such as phones and jewellery if lost during the ride. The net is made in thin twine so visual aspect is kept to a minimum.

rollercoaster safety net
protection netting rollercoaster
rollercoaster safety net

Dover Cruise Terminal
Old buildings with glass roofs can cause problems. Coastal Nets were approached to install safety nets to the underside of the roof windows at Dover Cruise Terminal due to a risk of falling glass. A strong 5mm x 100mm Safety net was layered with a fine debris net to catch any glass should it fall and shatter. This was a big project and took around 3 weeks to complete.

Dover Cruise Terminal netting
Dover Cruise Terminal ceiling net

Loughton Honda Dealership
Vandalism is a big problem these days. This car dealership was located near a train embankment which had a lot of stones. Vandals were throwing stones onto the brand new cars causing thousand of pounds worth of damage. Coastal Nets designed and fitted a large marquee shaped net over the top of the car park. This stopped all but the smallest stones entering the car park. The vandals soon got bored!

protective overhead net
Protective net over compound

Center Parcs
As part of a new sewage treatment works at Center Parcs, Coastal Nets designed and fitted a cover over the top of a sewage treatment tank. The cover was fitted to stop leaves from the many surrounding trees entering the tank, blocking filters. It was fitted to stainless steel wires with hooks for easy removal. We used an 85% shade mesh. This meant that no leaves would get caught on the mesh and would simply blow away.

Center Parcs cover net
Center Parcs cover net

Leeds Moortown

Installation of overhead protection netting to stop footballs entering the fibre optic compound. Steel masts and netting manufactured and supplied by Coastal Nets.

Pallet Containment Netting

Wide span pallet containment nets.