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With many years’ experience in fishing net supply and manufacture we have become the UK’s leading supplier of rigged nets, fishing equipment, tools and protective clothing to both the UK and worldwide fishing fleets, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in serving this sector as well as our fast, friendly and efficient service.

Trammel Nets

A trammel is a 3-walled net and a generally more efficient net for use against a wide variety of fish. The net consists of netting in which a fine-meshed inner net is sandwiched between two outer walls of large meshed netting. The three sheets of netting are attached to a floated headline and weighted foot rope so that all three hang vertically in the water. Slack netting is ensured by setting the net loosely on the head and foot ropes and also by having the depth of the inner net nearly twice the depth of the two outer walls. This way the fish swim through the larger outer mesh and become entangled on a pocket of net.

Trammel net

As well as the fully rigged nets listed below we also sell trammel nets as sheets in ‘kit’ form, meaning that the outer walls are taped on to the inner walls. This means they can be rigged just like a normal gill or tangle net.

You can buy sheet (un-rigged) Trammel Nets in ready-made form from our online store: click here to visit…

Ready Rigged Trammel Nets

We also supply ready-rigged trammel nets. The range includes nets suitable for anchoring, bottom drifting and mid-water drifting. Great nets at a great price.

Rigged Trammel Nets: Price: (excl. VAT)
4″ inner 24″ walls x 6ft deep x 100yds (Rigged) £160.00
4″ inner 24″ walls x 10ft deep x 100yds (Rigged) £187.00
4″ inner 24″ walls x 16ft deep x 100yds (Rigged) No Stock
4-1/2″ inner 24″ walls x 4ft deep x 100yds (Rigged) £138.00
5″ inner 24″ walls x 4ft deep x 100yds (Rigged) £138.00
6″ inner 24″ walls x 4ft deep x 100yds (Rigged) £138.00
5 1/2″ M.Mono inner 32″ walls x 6ft deep x 100yds (Rigged) £142.00

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